A Colorful New Marketing Direction
for Pan Technology

The Client:

Pan Technology Inc.

The Challenge:

Create a client and prospect campaign to highlight the leading-edge science behind Pan’s color technology.

The Process and Solution:

Pan Technology was introducing new products, and emerging science is the key to the product line’s success.

How do we convey the ideas of color, customization and service that Pan offers and the fact that Pan has the science to create any color a customer can imagine?

Focusing on the science led us to create the “beaker” concept, a composite of six separate images. From that central image, we developed the full campaign, including:

  • Full-page and fractional ads
  • Email campaigns
  • Collateral materials (print and electronic)
  • Trade show booth design
  • Trade show video
  • Web site content

The result is a flexible powerful, consistent message that works across media and has received great response from customers, prospects and the trade.

What happened next?

Pan wanted to extend the concept to show its sustainability efforts. We created a separate
“green” campaign that diversifies the new
marketing direction.

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