Web Site Design and Development

Web site design is a complex mixture of strategy, psychology, messaging, design and technology. It has to tell your story with the right technology and content, and represent your brand the way you want to 24/7. It may also have to sell your products and services. A good web site is first an easy and efficient way to transmit information. Click on a link or an image to see the site.

Social Media – Creating engagement, building audiences..

Finding the right direction for your social media program raises more questions than answers.

  • Which social media platforms should we use?
  • Is it right for our audience?
  • Is our target audience already using it?
  • What are our goals for social media?
  • What content will we share, how often and who will be responsible?
  • How will we measure the impact?

A social media presence requires dedication, consistency and persistence; the important thing is that you are interacting. Keeping a social media site current demands a commitment of resources for analysis and content.

We’ll analyze your markets, audience, web site, optimization and everything else on the planet to create an effective social media program that’s practical, fits your budget and time constraints, and gives you a solid ROI. We can help you decide if you need a program, what platforms to use and how to set up a realistic schedule to meet your social media needs.

Email Marketing

How many emails do you get in a day? Lots, right? On the one hand, email is a pain, but on the other hand you still check it all the time. It’s up to you to manage your email, but it’s up to us to create exciting, focused emails that cut through the email clutter.

Why use email?
  • It’s cost effective – for every $1 you spend, email has an average $38 ROI
  • It extends your brand – a well designed email campaign has the same look and feel of your website, Social Media and printed material.
  • It’s personalized
  • It’s measurable

We can help you set up campaigns, manage lists and monitor results. So if you have questions about an email campaign, drop us a line and we can help you get started.

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