Branding and Corporate Identity

What makes good branding?

A great, or at least memorable logo is only part of it. It’s how you represent yourself to the world.

A brand

  • Tells a story
  • Has a consistent message
  • Stands out in the crowd
  • Shows who you are

A strong brand identity is made by staying true to the vision and mission of the company. We work with clients to help them develop their brand and represent it consistently in everything they do.

Roll over a logo for a brief description.

Aratana Therapeutics Logo Moldave & Cook Strategin Communitcations

Aratana Therapeutics

We developed the logo and Branding guidelines for this Biotech startup. Logo shows a new path to drug development and moving forward with a delta representing science.

Solution Driven Wealth

Solution Driven Wealth is a financial consultancy. We used the image of a tree to symbolize stability and growth. The logo was used on stationery, website, presentations, videos and an infinite number of forms.

Turnstone Animal Health

Turnstone works with animal health companies to craft and implement strategic communications that inform and engage the industry’s wide variety of audiences. We developed the company name and logo based on the Ruddy Turnstone, a bird that discovers its food by turning over rocks on the seashore. Turnstone provides solutions where others may not see them.

Feather In Her Cap

Feather in her Cap is a non-profit created to recognize women who have made a major contribution to the animal health industry, to both reward excellence, and inspire young women in the industry. The logo combines the stylized hat with a subtle paw print.

Receivable Management Services

RMS was originally a division of Dunn & Bradstreet. When it became an independent corporation they asked us to develop the branding. We created the logo to incorporate a data stream for technological innovation, a globe to show the company’s worldwide reach, and a traditional typeface to represent the fact that RMS had the experience to solve problems based on its history with D&B.

New Jersey symphony Orchestra

The original logo was a music stand. We created a modern logo using a music staff and an abstract S as a G-clef.

Luminoso Language Services

We developed both the name and branding for this language education company. The O’s in the name are made up of two text bubbles.

CREW New Jersey

The logo for CREW New Jersey is for the local chapter of a national organization.

The Depot

We developed the branding, graphics and environmental design for the development center for a pharmaceutical drug launch team.

Search Consulting

Search Consulting provides comprehensive treatment and consulting services for families with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

New Jersey First Night

We designed the branding and campaign for New Jersey First Night when the state established the first umbrella campaign covering all towns participating in the program.

Living Well @ Otsuka

Logo for a wellness program for Otsuka America Pharmaceuticals. It was part of an overall internal marketing program.