Your Taxes Are In – Let The Work On Your Website Begin

Posted By On Monday, April 15th, 2013

uncle-samNow that your company’s done with its taxes
Your CPA’s stopped sending emails and faxes
This is the time for some marketing bling
Like refreshing your website now that it’s spring

There are a great many things you can do
To strengthen your customer base, old and new
An overall framework is really a must
To keep your website from being a bust

Something that’s simple and really can’t wait
Is making sure everything there’s up to date
Consider approaches that may work for you
To make sure your messages are getting through

Make it concise, clear and exciting
With eye-catching graphics and excellent writing
Update your services, products, and staff
One way to show how you’ve grown – use a graph

For your site to work best you must understand
All of the tools that we have close at hand
To help you attract the targets you prize
There’s something you cannot ignore – optimize

There’s something to use that’s called SEO
Use it so search engines know where to go
When companies use SEO really right
It helps get folks lickety-split to their site

Systems can help you collect online data
They gather good metrics to analyze later
The right tools can help your site report to you
How many went there and did they click through.

Even though business blogs aren’t ‘sposed to “sell”
These are things MoldaveDesigns does real well
We’ll use all the tools you see here and much more
So call to get business through your “Internet door.”

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