Visual Content – Don’t Market Without It

Posted By On Monday, October 22nd, 2012

return_home-resized-600“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

We are a visual society, there’s no doubt about it. The explosive popularity of sites like Pinterest is evidence of that; most of us have a definitively stronger response to an image than we do to text. Furthermore, we tend to remember images more clearly and for a much longer time than we do words. Do you remember the picture to the left? I have seen it here and there since I was a child, but I probably haven’t come across it for many years. Still, it is etched in my memory and probably always will be.

It’s a natural conclusion that images are crucial to reaching your audience. But don’t stop there — quality images, relevant images, meaningful images — all are important qualifiers.

Apps blogger Jeanne Pi dissected the factors that contribute to the success vs. failure of projects and found that the inclusion of videos doubled the likelihood of success for typical projects. Seeing an example of the Kickstarter project will resonate more deeply than the the words used in the description. Supporting her (and our) conclusion: her infographic on the subject was much more palatable and easier to understand (and remember) than her somewhat dry, fact-filled blog post on the subject. And isn’t being remembered kind of the point of marketing?

The key to visual content is that the image should be content; in other words, it should mean something and say something worthwhile about your product/service/philosophy. As you create your marketing campaign – from blog posts to website design to brochures – take the time to find truly worthwhile images that will convey a positive message to your customers. It will have a lasting impact.

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