Tradeshows Yes or Tradeshows No? How to Justify Exhibiting at a Tradeshow

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Potential customers attending a tradeshow are actually paying for the opportunity to meet you – so capitalize on that opportunity!

Where else can you ensure understanding of your products/services; communicate and demonstrate features and benefits, identify and correct misperceptions, and distribute samples all in one place?

Your first hurdle may be “selling” your company’s decision makers on the idea of incorporating tradeshows in your marketing mix. They may ask “what can trade shows do for us that we aren’t already doing?” or “how do we know potential customers find them useful?”

Exhibiting at industry-appropriate trade shows means face-to-face interaction with potential customers that meet your target profile – something that is tough to achieve any other way. Here are a few points that can answer questions your colleagues may raise:

  • You can engage customers face-to-face and learn more about what attitudes and factors are driving their buying decisions.
  • By engaging customers face-to-face, you can:
    o Generate and qualify leads
    o Close sales
    o Identify customers that may become ambassadors for yourproducts/services
    o Create/increase understanding of your company’s products/services

Here are some recent statistics about tradeshow attendance, attendees, and exhibit performance that can be helpful in your tradeshow pitch:

  • 84% of attendees had power over purchasing decisions, a rate last achieved in 2004.
  • 49% of tradeshow attendees surveyed planned to purchase in the next 12 months, up from 47% in 2011.
  •  32% of attendees were more favorably disposed to purchasing after attending the tradeshow
  • Attendees spent an average of 9.1 hours on the exhibit floor, an increase from 8.3 hours in 2011 and the highest average since 2000
  • 38% of attendees were first-time attendees, so it can be worth exhibiting at a productive show more than once
  • 45% only attended one tradeshow in their respective industry, so you can expect them to make the most of the opportunity

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You’ve made your case and gotten your approval. Now the planning process begins. See our next blog for tips on how sales and marketing can work together to develop a profile of the “ideal” lead.

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