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 trade show moldavedesignsThere Are 400 Exhibitors at the Average Tradeshow1

Trade Show Planning Is Incomplete unless You’re Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Exhibit Booth before the Tradeshow Even Starts!

Exhibit staffers have about 4 seconds to engage an attendee walking past the booth and between 5 and 15 minutes to make your company’s products or services stand out.2

How can you be sure the customers and potential customers you attract will be wowed with what they see and experience?

Get to Know the Venue and What the Sponsor Will Provide

Understand Roles and Responsibilities. Don’t assume all trade shows operate exactly the same way. Understand your roles and responsibilities and those of the trade show sponsor.

  • The trade show sponsor will provide information that outlines typical demographics; a calendar; fees; policies; services; booth specifications and furnishings; services such as materials handling, and exhibit transportation; floor plans; rules, regulations requirements and restrictions; forms; and advertising, sponsorship, and other marketing-related opportunities.
  • Minimize the chance for unwelcome surprises by confirming all your tradeshow-related arrangements ahead of time.

Develop and Implement an Exhibit Booth Design Strategy

You don’t want your booth staff to be lonely, but you also don’t want them overwhelmed.

  • Your exhibit booth should reflect your company’s strategic objectives for the specific tradeshow. And those objectives should be customer-based.  If you’ve implemented a targeted pre-tradeshow marketing campaign, you’ll want a specific type of space for meeting with customers and serious prospects. If you’re aiming to attract a wide audience, you’ll want open space that facilitates flow and strategic placement of staffers. If you’ll be demonstrating a product, you’ll want that space easily accessible to an aisle.

There are many types of booths and displays for many types of budgets.3 Here are a few:

  • Portable (Pop Up) Displays are available in several sizes. They’re affordable and simple to transport, set up, and take down – and it’s easy to switch graphics on a show-by-show basis.
  • Inline exhibits are available in several sizes too. They can include pop up displays as well as furniture, custom graphics and media.
  • Peninsula exhibits have aisles on three sides. They come in a variety of sizes and offer lots of opportunity for customization.
  • Island exhibits have aisles on all sides and are also available in a variety of sizes. They’re super-customizable and some have more than one level, but they’re the most expensive.

Speaking of displays . . . Signage and graphics

  • Work with a graphics communications firm or your in-house communications department to make sure your visual message is in sync with the company’s identity, your tradeshow objectives, and sponsor parameters.
  • Design attracts attendees to your booth; text educates them.4 Your visuals unite the two.
  • Choose a relevant theme
  • Deliver a concise message that’s consistent across all your tradeshow deliverables
  • Signage should be distinctive, visible, and readable from a distance
  • Choose, balance, and contrast colors that complement your space and help convey your message
  • Go for quality over quantity
  • Avoid visual clutter and complicated or excessive text
  • Transport signage and graphics to and from the tradeshow carefully

Make your exhibit booth comfortable, inviting and safe – for staff and attendees alike.

 For example:

  • Make sure carpeting is padded – everyone’s feet get tired
  • Make sure lighting is adequate – you may need to supplement site lighting, and you can use lighting as a design element
  • Manage cords and wires to prevent falls
  • Make sure exhibits are stable and can’t be knocked over easily
  • Encourage staff to wear “sensible shoes” or at least leave the brand new shoes at home
  • Consider becoming a charging station or hotspot if it makes sense in terms of your traffic objectives and you have the space
  • Bring the outdoors in – plants bring vitality to your space and can refresh attendees
  • Ensure that your exhibit booth adheres to the tradeshow sponsor’s rules and requirements

Tradeshow Gadgets and Gizmos – What Do You Think?

Are they treasures, trash, or something to give to the kids? Are they effective marketing tools? Leave a comment below to tell us what giveaways you bring back, giveaways you could do without, and why. We’ll let you know what we find out.

Next time: Choosing, Energizing and Using Your Exhibit Booth Staff

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