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Posted By On Friday, December 7th, 2012

When I was a kid, my parents had a book called “The Book of Lists” by David Wallechinsky, Irving Wallace and Amy Wallace. I loved that book – not that I did anything with the information I gleaned from it, other than try to impress my friends with my vast knowledge bank. But I was not alone – the book was a best seller and spawned at least 3 subsequent editions as well as many copycats.

We’ll see lots of “Top 10 (insert category here) of 2012” lists in the coming weeks as the end of the year provides an opportunity to look back a little. We’re here to point out a few that we think you’ll find interesting, useful, or mindlessly entertaining.

In the “something useful” category, this list from shows The 10 Most Overused LinkedIn Profile Buzzwords of 2012 — in other words, 10 descriptors that you’ll want to avoid in your quest to stand apart from the crowd.

Also useful, especially if you are considering a career move, is The Best Jobs of 2012 from U.S. News and World Report, which ranks jobs in terms of salary, growth opportunity and job satisfaction.

The top news stories of 2012, according to Yahoo!, are here.

And just for fun, the Top 10 Pet Costumes for 2012.

Comment below if you have your own favorite list to add!

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