Otsuka open enrollment benefits brochure

OAPI Benefits Program

The Client:

Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc, Human Resources Department

The Challenge

Develop a communications platform to help employees better access and understand their benefits program.

The Process and Solution:

For years the Open Enrollment brochure was a collection of charts and diagrams that made it
difficult for employees to decide which benefit packages to sign up for and what options
they could select.

Working closely with the HR Department, we redesigned the brochure to be more user friendly, clarified charts and graphs to make them easier
to understand, and rewrote the text so employees could make better decisions about which benefits they were eligible for and how to apply for them.
We also used actual employee photographs to
make the document more personal and engaging.

Over a period of a couple of years, we migrated the document to an online version. Previously, it was printed and mailed to all employees, making it expensive and time intensive. We created a searchable, interactive PDF that was posted on the company’s intranet, and, in addition, created emails and flatscreen displays to help publicize both the brochure and the limited enrollment period.

The client saved costs and increased employee engagement, and employees gained a wider understanding of how the company’s program benefited them.

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