Notes on Social Online Marketing Etiquette

Posted By On Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

etiquettebook_smSocial media is about building relationships with people you know– clients, friends, business associates; and people you would like to know– potential customers, new associates, vendors, etc.

When marketing with social networks, the same rules of etiquette apply as in “real” personal relationships: listen, be polite, be informative, show respect, and don’t run with scissors.

Here are some quick thoughts on social media marketing etiquette from an article on

A rule of thumb when thinking about social media etiquette is this: if you wouldn’t do it in the real world, while standing on a crowded bus, in a restaurant or a convention then don’t do it!

 This is your opportunity to find out exactly what your customers are really saying about you, what they want and more important, remedy any issues that they may have with your products or services.

Do Make Time:
 It’s not a quick process. How long does it take to establishing trusting relationships in the real world?

Don’t come across like a broken record:
 This ties in with listening and in fact gives a great opportunity to drill home the point that social media etiquette is more about listening than speaking, ranting, shouting or advertising your latest product.

Do respond in a timely fashion: 
If you left a voice message with a company for someone to call you back, how long would you wait before you started thinking that you were being ignored? 8hrs, 24 hours, 3 days?

Don’t take social media lightly:
 Make a commitment to sit down for an allotted period each and every day to respond to people, ask questions and share great content.

Don’t ignore negative comments:
 Not everybody will like what you do or say online but rather than seeing it as a negative see it as a great opportunity for your business to highlight the ultra responsiveness and efficiency of your customer service.

Don’t Sell Sell Sell: 
Social media networks are not a direct sales tool. Social networks are a place where you can develop a community of people who are interested in your brand and what it has to say.

There are more details and helpful thoughts in the full article, Here.

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