Marketing Yourself Memorably (Rock and Roll is Good for Business)

Posted By On Monday, July 9th, 2012

Lauren_singing“I own a New Jersey design and marketing agency and I’m a singer in a rock and roll band.”

That’s what I say when introducing myself at networking meetings. Why do I do that? For one thing, I want people to come out for the band’s next gig. But also, it makes me memorable. I’m usually the only one in the room in a rock band. Not always, but usually.

Once they know I’m in a band, it gives folks a reason to chat. What kind of music? Where do you play?

I ask them if they want to be on the email list, which they usually do, and now I have another reason to stay in touch.

The point is to make yourself memorable. If networking is a big part of your marketing efforts (and it should be), be sure to say something no one else will.

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