Easy Mistakes to Avoid to Make a Better Website

Posted By On Friday, August 10th, 2012

Do you love the internet? Do you love the ease of finding information and products at your fingertips instead of going to the yellow pages, or the library, or the mall?

Do you love web sites that don’t work or are so visually confusing you can’t stand to look at them?

We thought so. Physician heal thyself and make sure that you’re not guilty of any of these web mistakes:


Less Can be More

I hate going to the cleaning aisle at the grocery store, not because i don’t like to be clean, but because it’s so overwhelming visually that I come out with a headache. I mean how many colors of Mr. Clean do we need? Use your web site design to keep your viewers comfortable and make it easy for them to find the information or products they need.

Links That Lead to Nowhere

When you’re testing your site or updating content, make sure that the new links work and the old ones are taken down. To the viewer, a dead link is nothing but frustrating.

Introduce yourself

You may know that you’re revolutionary new litter box is going to change the feline world forever, but your readers may not know how it will change their cat’s lives forever. Have a clear statement as to what you do and how you do it and lead them into your site with links to more details.

If Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll…

… content is the king of the web. 55% of small business sites are only updated quarterly. If it’s tough for you to update the site, consider a blog- it takes work, but it’s an easy way to post news, product info and articles that bring readers to your site and get more website leads.

Unoriginal Content

You have a point of view, you believe in your product and you know it better than anybody, so say so. Use your voice and personality to express yourself to the reader. If you’re creating content for your site think of the person that’s searching for information and address those questions. If they’re on your site, they won’t go any farther, and if you’ve done you SEO properly, they’ll pick you up in the search engines.

Put Your Social Media Info Up Front

If you’re on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook or the other social media sites, let people know by putting the links up front. Coordinate your sites by having them feed into one another.

Your Navigation- Don’t Have Your Readers Fall off the Edge of the World

Make it’s simple, easy to use and logical. The person looking for the best litter box in the world doesn’t want to know about the revolutionary pooper scooper on your puppy products page- unless of course they also have a dog. Of course you navigation system should address that issue too.

Pixelated Pictures

Make sure your visuals are sharp. If people view your site and see poor quality images, what does that say about you and the information on the site or the products you’re selling.

These are all easy problems to find and fix- and they make a big difference in the way your site is viewed and works.

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