[ezcol_2third_end]If Theodore Geisel were with us today
What would he think and what would he say?
He’d have a blog and he would use Twitter
To give us his version of glitz, glam, and glitter.

He’d come up with a bird who really could Tweet
Probably purple, with really big feet
Or maybe a chef called Megsy McMold
Whose dishes are good only when they’re served cold.

Maybe a cool guy called Big Daddy Dad
A character who, with his handy iPad
Writes rhymes people can’t really read very well
‘Cause he cannot tipe and he cannot spel

He’d draw us a Firefox on a Safari
Who gets lost in the wild
“Where on earth are we?”

It’s easy to guess which folks he would Link
People who laugh and people who think
People who read on a Kindle or Nook
And people who still like the feel of a book.

One afternoon, while taking a nap
He’d dream up a crazy, delightful new app
An app we could use to create for ourselves
Goofy contraptions with whistles and bells.

He’d tell us to always take time out to smile
And let our minds wander a bit for a while
By now you have probably figured it out
It’s Dr. Seuss that we’re talking about
He meant what he said and he said what he meant
And we all are still faithful, 100 percent.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss – and thanks.

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