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Posted By On Thursday, March 13th, 2014

SXSW, One of the biggest interactive/music conferences in the world, is being held this week in Austin.  We all know how techies love their buzz words and jargon- social media and web site development abounds with them.

Here’s a video of four of the top tech columnists talking in tech buzz words.

We admit it – we have some favorite buzz words. What about you?
Here’s a short self-survey see how buzz word savvy you are.

Question 1: Choose one answer.

a. I love buzz words! Use them all the time.
b. I can’t keep track of all the new buzz words.  I don’t even know what they mean until everyone stops using them.
c. I don’t need buzz words. The ones I’ve always used are just fine.
d. I make up my own buzz words and use them when I’m looking in the mirror.

Questions 2 – 6: Choose the most appropriate synonym for the following, when used as buzz words or phrases.

2. Phoned it in
a.  Didn’t try
b.  Garbled
c.  Undocumented

3. Face time
a.  Going to a spa
b.  Meeting in person
c.  Looking tired

4.  Parachute in
a.  Interrupt a discussion
b.  Assign an experienced person to a task or position
c.  Suddenly put someone in a new job when others do not expect it.

5.  Thought showers
a.  Brainstorming
b.  Ideas you get in the shower
c.  Brought your umbrella but didn’t need it

6. Parking lot issues
a.  Ideas or issues brought up during a meeting that are not relevent to the agenda, and are “parked” for later discussion
b.  A management ploy used to assign tasks that nobody really wants to do
c.  Arguments about where employees park their cars.

Extra Bonus Question!!!

Fill in the Blank! Match the buzz phrase with its most common business-related usage:

A. Out of pocket Capacity ___
B. Operationalize Clarify ___
C. Nontrepreneur Biggest problem ___
D. Disambiguate Do ___
E. Long pole in the tent Risk avoider ___
F. Demassify Layoff ___
G. Critical mass Not here ___

We’d love to give you the buzz on MoldaveDesigns and find out your buzz!

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