April Fools- an Honest History- Honest!

Posted By On Wednesday, April 1st, 0201

Reading-jester-q75-760x753What’s it about April first, to be frank
That means that we have to beware of a prank
Was that day picked long ago, willy nilly
To give ourselves plenty of time to be silly?

Where did it come from and how long ago?
The Internet says that we don’t really know.

The Gregorians did some thing really quite strange
They decided to make a big calendar change
And as it turned out, when they were done
New Year’s Day was no longer upon April one
The folks who believed New Year’s Day was the same
Were called April fools, which is not a nice name

Some say it’s connected with spring as a season
And so we are wondering “If that’s the reason
Does April Fools day come around 6 months later
If you happen to live underneath the equator?”

A professor at one of our prestigious schools
Explained it’s related to jesters as fools
When reporters reported this in all the papers
It turned out to be the prof’s April Fools caper

In France there is something called poisson d’avril
Here’s what they do, and they think it’s a thrill
You sneak up on someone and then you attack
By sticking a picture of fish on their back
This happens in Italy and in Belgium too
But there you just put the fish in someone’s shoe.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you really knew
If what you are reading now is actually true?

You’ll probably wonder, and wonder you might
Is anything that we’ve said here really right?
Are these explanations, although they’re real cool
Simply designed, like the day, just to fool?

If somebody fools you, just swallow your pride
Today is the day to take it in stride.

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