The Client:

American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE)

The Challenge:

Each year AABE creates a new focus for their events, centered around a national conference. Over the years, we’ve created messaging, presentations and communications for in-person and virtual events.

The Process and Solution:

We start by creating a concept based on that year’s conference, and develop the campaign.

The location of the event (to a certain extent) dictates the requirements of the deliverables. For example a hotel or conference center has certain locations for branding.


After developing the concept, we created many messaging vehicles for communicating before, during and after the conferences.

  • Overall branding
  • Email campaigns
  • Collateral materials (print and electronic)
  • Conference displays
  • Branding elements for the conference (name tags, pop-up displays, step and repeats, conference room banners and posters, app branding, etc.)
  • Web site content

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