A Better Website in 5 Steps: Step 4 – Optimize

Posted By On Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

magnifying_glass copy1By this point, you are well on your way to a better website! The key now is making sure that people can find it.


Help Search Engines Find you

The first place that most people go when they are looking for something is to an online search engine. While they get thousands of results, most people just look at the first few results. So, how do you optimize your website so that you are among those first results? Often the best way to get there is to use keywords.

Let’s say you sell hot air balloon baskets. You want to make sure that it is not only in the title of your website, but that you frequently mention hot air balloon baskets in your content; that is what the search engine will “see” and count as it scans the web. People who search for “hot air balloon baskets” will be shown images of the baskets, information about how they are made, where they are made, how they work, as well as where to buy them. To compete with that avalanche of information, the baskets need to be mentioned on your site frequently; the more often a keyword is used, the higher the ranking it will receive for that search. Do your best to avoid using the word it so much that it seems unnatural, though.

One key to a better website is slipping in the keywords organically, much like you might say a friend’s name in a conversation with him or her.  It would be odd if you said your friend’s name after every sentence, but a few times throughout a conversation is very natural.

Tag Unreadable Items
Search engines can’t see images, so you’ll want to tag them (alt tags) to add to your overall use of the keywords.

Link Related Websites
Another thing that will up your ranks in the search engines are links to other sites with similar information. You could link to one of the sites showing how the hot air balloon baskets are made.

Check out Google’s Webmaster Guidelines here for more details and ideas about how to optimize your website.

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