A Better Website in 5 Steps: Step 3 – Offers

Posted By On Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

act-nowBuild a better website by creating offers for your visitors.  It’s an opportunity to give them something of value and share your expertise.

Start by thinking about what your target market needs and wants from you.

Offers can range from a free white paper to a product sample.  It all depends on your business.  If you primarily sell services, offer a free hour of consulting or a needs assessment. Another good option is free content – white papers, case studies, Top Ten lists, etc. Make sure it’s practical. If you sell products, offer a sample. If your budget permits, you can give away promotional items with your company’s name and URL.

To maximize the benefit of these offers, require that visitors fill out a form in order to receive them. That will enable you to capture and track information on who is interested and in what. Then you can adjust your offers to what receives the best response.

To build a better website, listen you your visitors, learn what they need, and find ways to help them. Think about what you can offer your visitors that will make them remember who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.  Remember to follow up when they show interest!

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