A Better Website in 5 Steps: Step 2 – Message

Posted By On Monday, September 19th, 2011

megaphone_man_smOne of the simplest, and often most overlooked, aspects to having a better website is to send a clear, consistent message. Making sure that people know the purpose of your website is absolutely key, and it is important to also make sure that it is easy enough to navigate.


Show Visitors Who You Are

It seems like common sense, right? Most of us think that the purpose and message of our website is clear. But you can easily get off track if you are not diligent about what visitors see as soon as they land on your website.

Let’s say you write a blog about gardening. People look for gardening blogs, and they wind up on yours. The first post that they see, however, is a funny picture of an animal with a caption. The space is yours, and it may seem natural to share the picture with your readers, especially if you thought it was especially funny. If you have a core group of readers who understand that you do provide great gardening tips and pictures of your vegetables, that’s great.

But if you are questioning why you are not attracting new readers, or you are attracting readers who are not interested in gardening at all, something as simple as that initial message could be to blame.

Don’t panic, though! It’s possible to create a better website for gardeners and still share some personality. Simply split the posts into categories and show only the ones related to your topic on the front page.

This example applies in principle to most websites. If you are having trouble attracting or retaining visitors, the easiest thing you can do to generate better website traffic is to step back and take a look at the message you are sending.

View it as if you are the average person who clicked their way to your site and doesn’t know anything about you or your company. Or ask an objective friend or colleague what they feel is the stand-out message.

Do you see a clear, concise, easy to use website that shows what you are all about? If not, it may be time work on creating a better website; a website that shows what you are trying to convey. List three points you want visitors to take away from a quick visit to your site, and be sure those points are front and center.

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