solution driven wealth

The Client:

Solution Driven Wealth

The Challenge:

Create and manage an ongoing communications program to develop, grow and maintain relationships with clients and prospects for this financial advisory company. Last year, we pivoted to a virtual campaign and create content that is engaging and educational.

The Process and Solution:

We’ve been working with SDW for many years, managing their communications and branding. The pandemic necessitated new approaches to – everything. 

It is very important to maintain continuity in communicating information about clients’ accounts and the financial markets.

We made great use of virtual meetings used the platforms as an opportunity to develop a new campaign of educational programs that included both financial and lifestyle information. One highlight was a virtual wine tasting for over 100 people with a wine expert. 

We also added a charitable giving program to support and honor the charities endorsed by clients of SDW. 

What happened next?

The client had a very good year, engaging with existing customers and bringing on new ones.

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