Receivable Management Services

The Client:

Receivable Management Services

The Challenge:

Introduce a new business transitioning from a department of a big company into a new entity. Promote brand identity and value for the new company to stand apart from its former parent company, while continuing to bring in new business.


The Process and Solution:

A three-year transition plan was created to gradually separate RMS from its parent company, Dun and Bradstreet. The intention was to simultaneously leverage the power of the D&B brand, while building the new RMS brand.

From a brand perspective, we designed the RMS logo to be used alongside the D&B logo, gradually reducing the size of the D&B logo in relation to the RMS logo.

In terms of messaging and audience, we identified verticals and created materials specific to those audiences as part of ongoing campaigns to educate clients and prospects about RMS services.

What happened next?

The brand has sustained for 13 years and the business has grown successfully

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