Feather in Her Cap

The Client:

Feather in Her Cap
Association, Inc.

The Challenge:

Bring attention to women who have achieves the highest success in the animal health industry.

The Process and Solution:

A Feather in Her Cap Award was created to recognize women who have made a major contribution to the animal health industry, to both reward excellence, and inspire young women in the industry. Activities are focused around an annual event.

How do we ensure that potential nominees are submitted for the award, and attract sponsors from the major animal health companies?


Leveraging the reputations and networks of a powerful board of successful women in the animal health industry, we built a communications program that has promoted and supported four successful events, and we’re working on the fifth.

The 2021 award presented the unique challenge of occurring during the pandemic, so we had to rethink the entire process. We used video messaging and a shortened program to host the first virtual award event. We were able to reach new audiences who might not be able to participate in the live event. We added a “let’s make this fun” vibe to our approach, which resulted in videos from sponsors and presenters that kept the audience engaged.

What happened next?

We’ll be back in person for the 2022 event, and will continue to build our audience and honor and encourage women in the animal health industry.

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